ShineHope Starter Pack ENGLISH

ShineHope Starter Pack ENGLISH

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The ShineHope program is a 9-week global education initiative used for the prevention of Human Trafficking and is based on the three foundational concepts of Worth, Strength and Purpose.

ShineHope equips girls to:

  • Develop an understanding of their Worth, Strength, and Purpose
  • Realize the potential within them to fulfill their dreams
  • Become aware of the human trafficking
  • Apply the knowledge of their Worth, Strength, and Purpose to help protect themselves from being trafficked
  • Recognize the warning signs that someone in their community may be in danger of being trafficked
  • Understand how they can take a stand against human trafficking

ShineHope evolved from the original ShineGirl program, which was developed in 1997, educating girls about their value, allowing them to discover their potential and their power to make healthy choices. This educational tool has been successfully implemented in institutions such as schools, correctional centres, youth centres and women’s shelters to name a few, in over 37 nations.

The Shine programs are a solution to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of empowering girls and women that corresponds to the values and ethics frameworks in schools as a teacher-training component of education.

Includes 1 x ShineHope Facilitator Handbook and 5 x ShineHope Journals