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Are you getting this?

Are you getting this?

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If Robert Fergusson were to tell you a story, whether from a church platform or in the confines of the seat next to you on an airplane, you would undoubtedly listen - and undeniably be changed. Stories pass on gathered wisdom, they reveal much about a person's identity, convey responsibility, instil values and uncover truth. There is an art to storytelling, and priceless significance gained when you discern and absorb this age-old practise.

In ‘Are You Getting This?’, discover the story telling method that has made Robert Fergusson a sought-after teacher, memorable preacher and incessant disciple of Jesus Christ. Rediscover a love for learning and teaching, the importance of impartation and the eternal truths found in the greatest story ever told.

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Are you getting this?
Are you getting this?
Are you getting this?
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